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Very very dishonest.We have a helper from Domestic One and she was very very nice lady and she did excellent job, however, she had to quit as she was ill, so we asked new one.

The new one showed up but she could not finish cleaning nor ironing within her working hours and we were not satisfied with her of courese. So we asked Domestic one to send us a replacement as we can have 3 replacements for free in a year as per the contract. This time we asked Domestic One to choose a helper carefully and send us a proper helper who can finish her task within her working hours. A new one came she was talking on a phone all the time, always late to get in here without calling us, and did not finish cleaing or ironing within her time.

We gave her chance for a month but no improvement, so we wanted to change the helper. My husband called them so many times for a month but never ever got a call from them. So I called them this morning and I could not believe what they said over the phone. They said that I was really rude to the helpers so they cannot send anymore helpers!

I have never said anything to those helpers a bad thing even they could not finish their tasks within a time, talking on the phone all the time, nor very late to get in here without any phone call. We were very generous!

This is totally super bad behaviour to blame it on a innocent clinent and dont send any proper helper!Give us agent fee S$248.

Review about: Domestic One Cleaning Service.

Monetary Loss: $248.

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I am also an unhappy customer of Domestic one.The first part time helper sent was not up to standard, dis-organised and untidy.

I called and texted and nobody responded or picked up the call.

They promised to replace the Helper but failed to do so.

Terrible service.They have collected the agency fee upfront and they know there is nothing much the customer can do.


Domestic One is one of the worst agencies ever.Mr.

Chong is the biggest fraud. He took agency fees but after that every time we had to follow up with him. His Cleaners are too irregular and never on time. They inform you that that are on their way but then don't turn up.

Mr. Chong is too unreliable. Too much of maid rotation.

After 2 replacements, Mr.chong stopped picking up our calls.Avoid it at all cost!!

Singapore, Singapore, Singapore #938548

I had an issue with Domestic1 recently too.Requested for not too old cleaners (specified in the order) but they sent us 2 aunties above the requested age in consective 2 weeks.

Chong has little patience for us too. He will raise his voice and complain when agitated.

Worst agency I have ever used.Lost $208 agency fee as he refused to refund though we are not happy with his service.

Singapore, Singapore, Singapore #790798

It's great that I saw these feedback about Domestic One.I have actually just confirmed with Chong for this Friday's job, where I were to pay his supervisor $248 in cash.

After reading these negative reviews about the company and Chong, I quickly called Chong back to cancel it.Phew!!!

to sk #1117449

Lucky you.

Singapore, Singapore, Singapore #753025

I do agree about the person who handles the phone calls is extremely rude.I had called to enquire on the very first day that the maid was hired about the charges.

The person on the phone very rudely told me to not argue.It's like once they have your money their job is done!


I agree. Chong is a very DISHONEST and UNREASONABLE person. Please avoid using DOMESTIC ONE maids.

Singapore, Singapore, Singapore #660363

Wish I had seen this site before I used them, I dealt with Mr Chong and he is so arrogant and dares you to do something - he thinks he is untouchable.

We used their service for the last 2 weeks and the maids were really slow and terribly trained - took no initiative and were unprofessional. Without even hearing our complaints Chong said he does not given any refunds and insists no one else complains about his maids so I am in the wrong.

Good luck Mr Chong, lets see how long you last.

Singapore, Singapore, Singapore #641818

Engaged A-Team Amahs & Cleaners for a part-time maid and i would said the agency is very dishonest and is only keen in earning the fee, which is a premium to pay.

The service person Julie didn't even give any resolution to my concerns and yes, she has no manners. she just pushed me away. rude, unethical, unprofessional !!!

Jean Ng is the owner and was unable to reach her, sorry i would say it is impossible to speak to her.

They are only interested in getting your fee but are not ethical at all

Tell your friends not to engage his services and others who see this review.


I came across this reviews as i was looking to hire a cleaner for my residence.

Something just attracted me to try Domestic One and i called and booked for a helper.

I spoke to Chong, he asked for my requirements and i listed them to him, he shared with me on the fee and rates and i proceeded.

The maid came this week for the third session, cleaning is good and i got a call from the agency for some feedback.

A little bit about myself, i am a consultant with market survey company, my job tell me to find out myself, my instinct prove me right this time.

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