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The cleaner barely did any work in my house. Keith (the boss) offered to send another cleaner but looking at the reviews here, I have lost any trust with this cleaning company. I have to mop and sweep the floor myself, and I am doing a better job than the cleaner. Will not engage again, avoid this service at all costs. I have engaged cleaners at half the price whose cleaning services far exceeded this sloppy work produced by this company. ...
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This replacement helper starts to criticize about my house the min she step in and said that my house is small and she doesn't work for such a small house etc and the charges that Domestic One agreed with me is way too low. I told her if she is not happy and not willing to do it then pls talked to Domestic One directly because that is the rate i was quoted. She supposed to come again the week after but she didn't turn up. Have demand a refund...
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I didn't like
  • Bad service
  • Unreliable service
  • Cleaners with poor work ethics
Terrible service.Requested for cleaning of my unit before returning to owner which DomesticOne described as "handover cleaning" for which I was charged $150 for 4 hours of a single maid doing insufficient cleaning with the floors and fridge yet dirty after she left. Maid said she was not informed of such a thing as "handover cleaning". Owner refused to rectify the issue and ended up putting the phone down on me and shouting at me.Singapore...
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